Prevent non-member entry to your gym with anti tailgating technology

Reduce lost revenue from 'tailgating'

Allow for 24/7 gym opening hours

Increase gym member confidence

Are you looking for an effective way to monitor and control access to your gym, while saving time and money?

GymSafe is a cost-effective, anti tailgating solution that supports access control systems and reduces lost revenue by preventing non member access.

GymSafe’s tailored security and anti tailgating solution helps prevent unauthorised access, while encouraging off peak hours and providing your members with confidence that their safety is secure. This integrated health, safety, and access control solution can help you offer 24/7 operating hours while saving you money on the costs of extra staffing or security guards.

  • Prevent tailgating and unauthorised access
  • Reduce lost revenue from ‘tailgating’
  • Allow for 24/7 gym operating hours
  • Encourage use of gym in off-peak hours 
  • Save money on extra staffing costs
  • Provide peace of mind to customers and staff

Get peace of mind knowing your gym will be secure without having to worry about lost revenue from tailgating or staffing costs associated with longer hours. Plus you can help keep your existing customers happy by providing them with the level of security they expect when using your facility. With GymSafe’s comprehensive CCTV surveillance system in place, there’s nothing stopping your business from reaching its full potential.

Stop unauthorised access, reduce lost revenue and provide your members with peace of mind today with our anti tailgating technology.


Reduce lost revenue from 'tailgating'

GymSafe’s CCTV surveillance can reduce revenue lost through ‘tailgating’ and unauthorised access.

Restrict unauthorised access

Restrict and monitor non members from accessing your gym.

Encourage off peak hours

Reduce peak time bottle necks of gym members and encourage more off peak and out of hours use.

Gym member confidence

Provide your gym members with confidence that you have effective systems in place to prevent unfair and unauthorised gym use.

Less stress and hassle

With a CCTV monitoring system in place, you won’t be hassled in middle of the night to deal with emergencies or tailgating alarms.

How does anti-tailgating work?

Our simple but effective process ensures your gym members can train with confidence

GymSafe monitors gyms during unstaffed hours

CCTV cameras monitor your gym or leisure facility 24/7 during out of hours periods, ensuring the health, safety and security of gym users.

Gym with CCTV monitoring
GymSafe anti tailgating technology
GymSafe anti tailgating icon - Authorised entrance

Authorised entrance

Detection equipment is installed to monitor authorised gym members at entry points.

GymSafe anti tailgating icon - Unauthorised entrance

Unauthorised entrance

Detection sensors are activated when an unauthorised person attempts to access the gym, which triggers an alarm that is then sent to the control room.

GymSafe anti tailgating technology - Unauthorised Access
GymSafe anti tailgating with CCTV Monitoring control room
GymSafe anti tailgating icon - Control room investigate alarm

Control room investigate alarm

Our CCTV operators then use all available resources to investigate if the cause of the alarm is due to unauthorised entry.

Audio warnings issued

Operators issue audio warnings, alerting the non member they have been detected trying to enter the gym illegally. This is an extremely successful deterrent and, in most cases, is enough to ensure the non member leaves the premises immediately.

GymSafe anti tailgating technology supplying audio warnings to unauthorised member
GymSafe anti tailgating - keyholder notified of incident

Keyholder notified

Our control room operators take immediate action and report all incidents to the keyholders in real time, meaning that they can respond without delay.

What our customers say


Gareth Johnson, Director, Gym01

“We chose GymSafe for the opening of our new 24 hour gym because they seemed to offer the best package for our needs. Having only had it recently installed I can say that so far it has lived up to standard and although we have come across teething problems with it the support and communication has been excellent.”

How do I get started?


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24 hour gym security systems

Enjoy 24/7 gym security

Get peace of mind knowing that your gym is being monitored 24/7 and you can now focus on more important things.


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