24 hour gym security & CCTV surveillance

24/7 internal & external gym security

Rapid response to emergencies

Huge savings on the cost of extra staff

Are you looking for a cost effective way to protect your gym 24/7?

Now you can secure your gym and protect your members and staff with 24 hour gym security and CCTV monitoring from GymSafe!

GymSafe delivers 24 hour gym security with monitored CCTV and anti-tailgating solutions tailored specifically for gym owners and managers so they can rest easy knowing their business is safe and secure.

Our CCTV monitoring and surveillance solution helps reduce costs of extra staff, increases revenue with 24/7 operating hours, reduces lost revenue from tailgaters, protects against theft and vandalism, offers rapid response to emergencies, employee security, as well as ongoing care and support.

With GymSafe’s dedicated and experienced team, you’ll feel confident that your gym is well protected from any potential threats or harm. We’re here to help keep your gym members and employees safe and secure 24 hours a day. You can focus more energy on what matters most – growing your business and delivering the fitness experience that your loyal customers expect.

Our 24 hour gym security services include:

  • CCTV surveillance

  • Manned monitoring of CCTV cameras

  • Anti-tailgating monitoring and prevention

  • 24/7 manned telephone support

  • 24/7 emergency response to gym help points

  • Monitoring of alarms

  • CCTV health checks

  • Camera fail detection and reporting

  • Monitoring of fire doors when opened

  • Video escort services

Create a tailored 24/7 security solution that suits you and your gym.


Make huge savings on wages of extra staff

GymSafe’s 24 hour CCTV surveillance means that staff are not required on site at off peak times, saving you huge amounts in staff wages.

Increase revenue with 24/7 opening hours

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by allowing your gym or leisure facility to be open for longer hours or even 24/7.

Reduce lost revenue from 'tailgating'

GymSafe’s CCTV surveillance can reduce revenue lost through ‘tailgating’ and unauthorised access.

Reduce theft and vandalism

With a 24/7 CCTV surveillance system in place, you will be able to help prevent theft and vandalism.

Rapid response to emergencies

With GymSafe’s panic alarm and CCTV monitoring, all emergencies are dealt with in real-time.

Employee support & security

Improve the wellbeing and safety of gym employees with the support of our CCTV monitoring solution.

Ongoing care & support

Rest assured that our team is available around the clock to swiftly handle any unexpected situations and provide assistance.

Less stress and hassle

With a CCTV monitoring system in place, you won’t be hassled in the middle of the night to deal with minor issues or false alarms.

Peace of mind

Create a relaxed and safe environment for your workforce and customers: a place where gym members can get the most out of their workout and membership.

24 hour gym security

We create a unique solution to suit your requirements

CCTV monitoring of gym

CCTV cameras monitor your gym or leisure facility during out of hours periods, ensuring the health, safety and security of gym users.

Gym with CCTV monitoring
24 hour gym security CCTV monitoring

Manned operator monitoring of CCTV cameras during unstaffed hours

Our control room operators will monitor your CCTV cameras during your unstaffed hours, where CCTV images will be streamed on a loop on a video wall and reviewed frequently.

Anti-tailgating monitoring and prevention

Detection sensors are activated when an unauthorised person attempts to access the gym, which triggers an alarm that is then sent to the control room.

24 hour gym security anti tailgating solution

24/7 manned telephone support

Our control room operators are on hand 24 hours per day to offer support for your members of staff or your gym members in case of an emergency.

24/7 gym member protection

Gyms that operate 24/7 may lead to members accessing the facilities alone. Should an unfortunate accident or security incident occur, emergency help points are situated throughout the gym to support the gym member in distress or danger. Activating the help point triggers an immediate alarm to the control room for assistance.

CCTV Monitoring Gym Security System
24 hour gym security - staff help points

Panic alarm monitoring for gym employees

We can remotely monitor panic alarms to support gym employees in case of an emegency.

Fire, intruder and panic alarm monitoring

Fire, intruder and panic alarms are monitored by our control room where our operators are ready to respond to any incident or emergency.

Monitoring of fire alarms
GymSafe monitoring of help points

Monitoring of fire doors when opened

Fire doors and emergency exit points are monitored by CCTV cameras. When opened, an alarm is sent to our control room for operators to investigate.

Video escort services

We provide video escort services for your staff if they require that extra level of security, such as walking to their car.

24 hour gym security video escort
24 hour gym security - CCTV system health checks

CCTV health checks

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of all CCTV systems to ensure that everything is working efficiently at all times.

Camera fail detection and reporting

Our CCTV monitoring system detects camera fails. If we detect a camera fail in your gym, one of our control room operators will notify the keyholder and send a report of the error(s).

Camera fail

What our customers say


Gareth Johnson, Director, Gym01

“We chose GymSafe for the opening of our new 24 hour gym because they seemed to offer the best package for our needs. Having only had it recently installed I can say that so far it has lived up to standard and although we have come across teething problems with it the support and communication has been excellent.”

How do I get started?


Book a call

Book a call back with one of our specialists who will be in touch to answer any questions or provide more information on our gym security services.

Discuss package options

Discuss with our specialist the security services that best suit your requirements.

Get a quote

After you have chosen your gym services, we will provide you with a full bespoke quotation.

Arrange installation

Whether you have an existing CCTV system or need a new one, we can advise your current installer or we can recommend a reputable company to install and integrate GymSafe.
24 hour gym security systems

Enjoy 24/7 gym security

Get peace of mind knowing that your gym is being monitored 24/7 and you can now focus on more important things.


Got more questions on what GymSafe is and how it can work for you?

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