How much can I really save?

Operating a 24 hour gym can significantly increase your revenue, but this also requires extra staffing costs. See our price comparisons of extra staff next to a standard GymSafe solution.

Extra Gym Staff

To operate a 24 hour gym, you will usually require at least 2 members of full-time / part-time staff to cover 56 off peak hours each week between them.
(Based on minimum wage at £10.42 per hour).
The estimated yearly cost to employ 2 extra staff members

GymSafe Solution

For a standard GymSafe CCTV monitoring solution, this would include manned operator monitoring of CCTV screens during unstaffed hours up to 8 hours a day.
The estimated yearly cost of a basic GymSafe solution

How much you can save each year with GymSafe


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Tom, Activate fitness

“Firstly, just to say thanks to the team for everything so far. Been really pleased with the service, they’re proper on it and I always feel so chilled walking away from the gym in the evenings and weekends knowing that it’s being looked after for me.”

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24 hour gym security systems

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