Keep Your Gym Open 24/7 without Breaking the Bank!

GymSafe is a cost-effective CCTV monitoring solution allows you to keep your gym open round the clock, without the need for extra staff.

“Firstly, just to say thanks to the team for everything so far. Been really pleased with the service, they’re proper on it and I always feel so chilled walking away from the gym in the evenings and weekends knowing that it’s being looked after for me.”
Tom – Activate Fitness


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    Are your competitors stealing your customers?

    Don’t let your gym fall behind – Offer 24/7 access with GymSafe

    Reduce costs of extra staff

    Compared to the costs of extra staff for off peak hours, GymSafe’s CCTV monitoring will save your business vast sums of money.

    24/7 gym operating hours

    Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by allowing your gym or leisure facility to be open 24/7 or longer hours.

    Reduce lost revenue from 'tailgating'

    GymSafe’s CCTV surveillance can reduce revenue lost through ‘tailgating’ and unauthorised access.

    Reduce theft and vandalism

    With a 24/7 CCTV surveillance system in place, you will be able to help prevent theft and vandalism.

    Rapid response to emergencies

    With GymSafe’s panic alarm and CCTV monitoring, all emergencies are dealt with in real time.

    No minimum contract terms

    With GymSafe’s no minimum contract terms, you can experience complete flexibility to adjust your security requirements when you need to or cancel anytime.

    What our customers say


    Gareth Johnson, Director, Gym01

    “We chose GymSafe for the opening of our new 24 hour gym because they seemed to offer the best package for our needs. Having only had it recently installed I can say that so far it has lived up to standard and although we have come across teething problems with it the support and communication has been excellent.”